Exoplayer seek to position

exoplayer seek to position not working when used to resume after pause? any help ?

Show your blocks what have you done


wait for some time let me check

@hasan_hasan can you show your global status initialize block what value are you storing there

in other blocks , when I use exoplayer to resume, it starts from the beginning !!!

You can simply use this block and then tell the result if this works or not

Tried all possibilities, and it didn’t work !!!

Which component has this block ? When…on play ? Thanks

It’s a Notification Extension .

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@hasan_hasan Use this one extension here is full guide

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Ok. I will see it. But the on play block is one shot or continue to check ? Because you have a local variable to set , if the block starts always (like a clock always fires) the variable restarts always

The variable takes its value from the timer, and
The timer reads the position of the current position of the audio file, and then gives it to the variable, which saves this value , to be used when resuming, so it is given to the command ExoPlayer seek Position, but that command reads that value and does not change it and ExoPlayer plays the audio file from the beginning.

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Thank you. I’ve tried this extension, but that developer says it needs to be upgraded, and not all of its functions are working. Also, in the same case, the Exoplayer Seek Position did not work.

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Ok so , on play block start only to resume and then stops itself?

A position where the source file should start playing

means you need to use start block after using seek block

Like this

Try This and tell if this works

the block is seeking to that position but is not played ok got my point or not

Maybe this extension might help you

Did you look at the first picture!!!
Look at it again, the EXOPlayer Seek Position takes the variable value from the timer.