ExoPlayer Resume Method not working properly

Describe your issue

When playing Local Media(.mp3) Resume plays from the beginning instead of resuming where it left off.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Pause
  3. Click Resume

Expected Behaviour

Resume should resume from where it left off.

Actual Behaviour

Resume starts playing from the beginning.

Show your Blocks

ExoPlayer_Test.aia (1.4 MB)

Android version

Android OS v9.0


Others with same issue:

Hello @Ken Bro are you use block after status change in your app it’s work

The issue is with Local Media(.mp3) not Streaming.

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Streaming also have the same issue with this blocks image

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I hadn’t tried that yet.

i fixed your aia check this aia
ExoPlayer_Test (1).aia (1.4 MB)

It’s still starting over from the beginning.


Fixed in last release.

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