Exoplayer seek to position

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i have no words left i have also made many attempts but it didn’t work

thank you very much. it is very kind of you.

is it bug that exoplayer can’t resume from a current position !!!

Maybe this extension might help you

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Thank you very much - I will try it - but my question in general is does Exoplayer seek position not resume playback instead of going back to the beginning of the file?

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Post the aia or a test aia.
It shouldn’t be a big deal to solve this problem …

My big mistake is to use the Exoplayer seek position after the pause !!!
EXOPlayer seek Position is used during the case of “is playing” !!!
Example: If playing an audio file even if it is online(audio stream), and we used exoPlayer seek position, it works correctly( try it by change the slider left or right), " it works like a charm" !!! .
Thanks to everyone who provided any help, no matter how small.

Here you can see how it should work:

Nice you got your solution :relieved::relieved:

Thank you. I appreciate your help a lot.

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thank you.

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With pleasure, but show us your solution …
(since there are already 36 posts here, others are probably also interested in your solution, if it differs from my approach).


Well, I’ll record a little video.

This is a small video clip, showing the use of Seek.Position during “the playing”. The audio file is MP3 (Audio Stream Online), and the delay when navigating the slider is acceptable.


You only show the result, but not the solution (blocks).

See also here (videos):

So it is exaclty the same as I’ve shown in my guide (post → #33).


thank you very much.

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