Export APK Error

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried many times to export my project but it shows error :“Server error: could not build target. Please try again” . I tried to export another my project and it didn’t export either. I could’t find solution. Could you help me?
I used like 70 images in total. Is it the problem? Also I used 5 extensions. Is something wrong about the server?

Post a screenshot of log error. Is it AAPT error ? If yes go to project settings - see if theme is set. If not set it otherwise change it and set it again. Reload project, try to compile again. If this doesn’t work maybe it is a project within a project case or assets too many - try to remove some and see if project compiles.
If none works post here your aia

I can’t get log. It’s not exporting aia too. I reload project few times but didn’t work. I set theme colors and light theme.

If you wish pm your aia to check it

Max size of an aia in order to compile is between 24-27Mb, max apk size is 32Mb see I can't launch apk from my App - #13 by bodymindpower

In order to build a bigger app see

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