Export compiler doesn't work for days

Export APK didn’t work for days now. It is the third day now. I’ve searched on the community before asking, but they mainly say that after some tries it works. But three days seems too long. BTW when I try to compile APK, it says : Something went wrong ! If I click on View Log, it leads me to a page where it says :

Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
The page loads forever.
And every time I click on Close it says : Build failed! Server error performing build

My package name is formed like this : com.xxxxxxx

Thank you

Package name should be in the form zxy.domain.yourappname

To see if package name causes the problem try deleting it and build apk , if it works then definitely the problem is due to package name

The package name is correct.
The allowed formats are something like:

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Thank you, hope it will be fixed soon

Same problem with me within some days

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