Export error - stopping at ________Preparing application icon

is this considered so ? image

sorry, i am not much experienced ! :sweat:

No… not at all

Make your project as aia and open with winrar or WinZip or 7zip and go to the asset folder, and send us the screenshot of it

Update Are you using any paid extension?

nope not using any other extension than this DynamicComponents.

here is a screenshot of what you had asked

and as i mentioned external_comps further has this assets folder

tried deleting( the assets folder under external_comps) but that is damaging the aia file when imported

That’s what I guess and told you send screenshot

It means, you are having project in a project. Sometime it will happen. Did you upload it from other platform? Untill you remove another project it won’t compile

nope didnt do so. started and ended with Kodular only. So whats the process? could you name the folders that should be deleted please

Yes you should dele the second asset… rename the AIA then upload and try

Did you use any copy and paste the dynamic components in designer mode???

Update: Using only one dynamic component extension or multiple?

only one and directly imported from aix file…nothing else. will once more try deleting the second assets folder. only that or the ‘src’ folder too ?

Th folder named with external_…

By the way what is the package name you used in your app?

entered a random name ’ com.android.studies’


still the same :frowning_face:

Remove the _ from the package name and replace with . and try

no change …still the same. apart from this tried remove cache also…no use though

When i started Kodular i also faced the project in a project issue, i send the aia file to boban and he fix it for me

You can check this

If you change the package name , you have to change with where and all you added the package name eg. Firebase, push…

You have to delete all 3 folders not only assets, leave the extension folder…

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Everything is described here how to do

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Check this out

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You issue have solved now… Happy coding…


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