Export not working anymore

Clicking on “Export as .apk” or “Export as AppBundle” will result in the Error message “Server Error: Could not save one or more files. Please try again later.”, while the thing that is alledgedly not working (Saving on the server) must work fine because I can code and save my work and restore it later. So saving does not seem to be the problem.

How big is your project ? How many assets ? Do you use large images ? How many screens and how many blocks ? Please provide more infos. You could download aia, upload it to unchive and post a screenshot of the summary

After you said a big project could be a problem I deleted some unused code and it miraculously worked again.
My project had 5 screens, no extensions, no assets, and 1700 blocks.
I could not imagine this being a problem because I had bigger projects than that and it worked flawlessly.

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Maybe the problem was

My largest app has 8 screens, each with multiple virtual screens, no extensions, 22 small assets, and the screen with the fewest blocks has 8000 blocks in it.

I had no problem compiling it.