Export or backup sqlite database to remote server using FTP

In my app I create a few database tables using Tab Bennedum’s SQLite extension.
Once a while I want to backup photos and the database to a remote server using FTP.
All files and database are uploaded to the remote server but the database is empty. There are not tables present in the sqlite file.
Can someone point me in the right direction?


let me suggest you to not mix sqlite extensions…
my sqlite extension uses internally the database name TaifunSqlite.db…
if you want to use my sqlite extension to export the database, then you should also use my sqlite extension to work with the database


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Hi Taifun,

Thank you for clearing out why the blocks are not working out the way I would like to.

When I use Tab Bennedum’s Sqlite ExportDatabase, no file will be created at all. I think I have to redo setup all the blocks using TaifunSqlite extension. I did choose for Tab Bennedum’s Sqlite Extension for the bindParams option. But if this means exporting the Database will be an issue, I will redo the query’s.

Again, thank a lot for your input on this issue.



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