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hello guys, good night, do you know if there is any way to migrate or export our applications to the web? in html5 type or in some way that I can post on websites and blogs?

For many of us, we have projects that could help a lot if we didn’t have to install them to use them! If anyone knows something similar I would be very grateful! thanks

There is no way you can covert an apk into web page but you can make your own web page with html,css, js,php and you can make all platform apps with flutter. But simply you can’t covert kodular apk into web


Ohk first of all nothing is impossible :wink:, first guide us about your app and the type of database you are using.

if you have already created an app on kodular its quiet more easier to create a website out of it.

guide with what type of app you have build and database you are using i:e, firebase, google spreadsheet, aritable, baserow, mysql etc.

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First, thanks for the answers, yes, my doubt is not about a specific app, but about several apps that could run in the browser itself, I discovered that thunkable X (paid) has this option to export as html5, which makes it easier for those who want to monetize some sites with the applications, however as I said it is a paid service I’m trying other alternatives because I live in Brazil and the dollar here is very expensive to subscribe to paid programs, an alternative I’ve seen is construct3 exports html5 for free, but I really like programming in blocks for simple projects… thank you for the answer I think like you, nothing is impossible hahaha

If you need any help you can pm me, glad you liked my answer you can also mark it as a solution :wink:

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There is no need for this migration tool. With a little study, using frameworks like Bootstrap and Laravel / Codeigniter you can create your BASIC web site. Note that using PHP is only necessary if the site uses database/dynamic pages.

And the app is not always the same as the website.

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Thank you very much

Yes, thunkable already has this function however it is paid, anyway you are right thank you very much!

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