Export "selected" screen exports last screen in dropdown list only

Describe your issue

The “Export Selected Screen” Function is not working properly. It will export the last Screen in the list only.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Export Screen. Select another Screen. Export Screen.
If you import the screens, yout will find out that it is always the same screen, not the “selected” screen.

Expected Behaviour

Export the selected Screen.

Actual Behaviour

Export the last Screen in the Screen-Dropdown list.

Show your Blocks

no blocks necessary/can be reporduced even in plain vanilla Apps.

Android version


Welcome to the community. Just test it and you are right, I will inform the devs



  1. Copy the Screen you want to export and add a prefix e.g. “xNAMEOFSCREEN”
  2. Export
  3. Copy the next screen you want to export and add another prefix, that is lower in alphabetical order, e.g. “xxNAMEOFSCREEN”
  4. Export

Hmm, I have no issues with it…

Try this simple test aia with 3 screens. I exported Login and when imported I got Screen1

test_screen_export.aia (2.3 KB)
test_screen_export_Login.ais (2.9 KB)

Something is broken as your ais have all the screens


Here’s another one


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Yes I noticed but why does this happens? Tried exporting using Firefox and Chrome, same result

I have same issue with yours as you have it.

Try this one
ScreenExpo.aia (2.8 KB)

:question: This works for me :slight_smile:

Tried in mobile, chrome browser, but find no issue.


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