Export sqlite file

Hello, I’m using Sqlite Bennedum, but when exporting the file it is not generated in the Asd folder or any other folder. The idea would be to upload this file via FTP to perform backups. Does anyone know of another extension or a way to visibly save this file in the folder?

I can offer my sqlite extension, which is able to export the database easily


Hi, this extension have a possibility to export with FTP? His genarate a file accessible from pc too?

the extenion is a sqlite extension, its functionality is described in the documentation at App Inventor Extensions: SQlite | Pura Vida Apps Everything else is out of scope for this extension
to send the exported database via ftp use the ftp component in Kodular

EDIT: also if you consider to use anaother sqlite extension, then you should switch completely and not use both at the same time to avoid issues