Extended ViewPager 😁 ( Tabs Layout + View Pager ) Free Aia

You can scroll tabs with viewpager … and vice versa

Test Apk : ViewPagerExtend.apk (4,7 MB)

Thanks to @deephost ( View Pager Animation )


Where is aia file or block screenshot?:boy:

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extendedviewpager.aia (33,9 KB)


AIA link has been edited and leads to 404 page. Fix it.

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Thank you for reminding, the link has been corrected @FahadAhmad

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If I want to show specific tab at button click, how can I do?

Tab Layout > select tab to =

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Yeah there was so many animation

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Animation addition β€œViewPager Animation.aix” where

view pager Enrollable

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yeees guys ,

Viewpager tab has got all the letters in upper case format, is there a way to lower these letters?

Can you send aix

this is not an extension… what about trying the aia?