ExtendedWebview Extension Bug

I have created WebView app in Kodular and to catch error page in WebView, I am using ExtendedWebview Extension but after using this extension I am facing another issue, that is, The Browse button stops working, which opens File Explorer to select file. (The Browse button works fine, if I don’t use ExtendedWebview Extension)

I think this the bug left in ExtendedWebview Extension.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Send the code so we can check :heavy_check_mark:

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I am attaching aia file for your testing purpose.TestingCode.aia (19.0 KB)

The URL used in this App is just for your testing purpose.

Screen1 (ExtendedWebview Enabled)
Click “CHOOSE FILE” button and you will see that it is not opening file explorer

Screen2 (ExtendedWebview Disabled)
Then go to Screen 2 and try there

Use Custom Webview extension by @vknow360 instead

Thanks for your suggestion and reply,

I have gone thru Custom Webview Extension, But I have already created an App using Kodular WebView and now if I use this (Custom Webview Extension) than, I will have start coding it from scratch.

If I get any solution on Extended Webview, it will be great, If no option is left than I will use Custom Webview Extension.

Exactly yesterday i also saw some bugs in ExtendedWebviews

The Browse button is not working in Custom Webview also.

Please help

There are two things which I would like to tell you:

  1. CustomWebView is fully customizable and offers a lot of features.
  2. Since it is more than usual customizable so you need to configure a lot of things from yourself.

I am sure you will find a working solution if you try to search your query in the community.

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Thanks for your help and reply

The button is working now

wait…how? :thinking:

As per your suggestion I used CustomWebView

Good job. :+1:
Now you should mark this post as solution.

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