Extension Build Failed In CMD Error- XML file dosent exist

Hi friends I am learning how to make extensions, when I was compiling extension in cmd it showed build failed

Error message - Buildfile: build.xml does not exist!
Build failed
I have build.xml file but it shows that error, I don’t know how to solve it.
Please help me

Are you clicking Git Bash here in the folder?

I don’t know what it is I was reading @Shreyash article on how to make extensions I did like what is mention in his article. I used IntelliJ code editor, when I compile through cmd, it gives me error

Go to the folder, right click -> Git bash here and type

ant extensions

which folder??

Extensions template.

I dont know where is git bash can you record a screen and post the video :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Have you installed Git?
Maybe @Shreyash forgot to put that in the article, idk, haven’t read it yet.

no its not mentioned in the article

So i dint install it

i have extension template downloaded

It’s not necessary to have Git Bash, any terminal will work
@Xoma, make sure you are opening the Command Prompt in the extension template’s directory. If you’re not, just cd into that directory.


Then open cmd and type

cd {directory to extension-template}
ant extensions

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I dont understand what your saying

Its scucessful, where will i find that file

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WOW i made my first extension

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thanks @Shreyash and @Mateja for helping me

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  • Copy the path of your extension template repository. (Example: C:\extension-template\)
  • Open Command Prompt.
  • Type cd and paste the path that you have copied, and then replace all \ with /.
  • Hit enter.
  • Now you’re in extension template’s directory.

This step is really unnecessary

I’m not sure if it works in Command Prompt or not, but in Git Bash, it doesn’t works.