Extension Build Problem

Hello i am very new in extension development filed.

So can anyone tell me how i return two int like this a,b



Are you asking to return an array of both? Subtract them? Divide them? Multiply them? What are you asking.

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only i just return two numbers just with coma symbol(,)

120,250 like this

That’s invalid Java sentence. To return a list or YailList

java.util.List<Integer> numbers = Arrays.asList(1, 1);

return com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.util.YailList.makeList(numbers);

And which IDE are you using to write you’re code?

I am using Notepad+

You can do this…

Method One

// You might need to import java.lang.StringBuilder

public String Test(int a, int b) {
  StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
  return sb.toString();

Method Two

// You might need to import java.lang.String, this should be done
// by default though

public String Test(int a, int b) {
  return String.valueOf(a) + "," + String.valueOf(b);

Method Three

public String Test(int a, int b) {
  return a + "," + b;

Notepad+ is not Java IDE.

This is really not needed when you can just return directly

return a + "," + b;
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Sorry, I didn’t include that because I thought Java might throw an error, but it seems as though I was thinking of a.toString() that would throw an error.

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So can you tell me which Java IDE Is best for create extensions??

Thanks Your Method Two Is Working.

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