Extension building failed!

I have been working an extension for two days.Earlier I was able to compile it.
But after using some imports and functions related to ‘files’ I am not able to compile it.
Here is error log:
FileTools_log.txt (96.2 KB)

It is too long that I can not paste it here(Almost 100.000 characters).
Imports I started with:

  • import java.net.URL;
  • import java.net.URLConnection;

Imports I am using currently:

  • import java.io.IOException;
  • import java.net.URL;
  • import java.net.URLConnection;
  • import java.nio.file.Path;
  • import java.nio.file.Paths;
  • import java.io.File;
  • import java.util.List;
  • import java.util.Arrays;

I have tested all classes/functions/methods in IntellijIDEA so it seems to be a bug with Kodular IDE
I am not able to compile it with AppyBuilder Code Editor also.
Thank you.

did you tried to build locally?

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I don’t know about this one

can you explain a bit more?:sweat_smile:

building aix from your pc/laptop

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There’s an issue with the variable types, the log says it


Which variable type?
I have used variables:

  • String
  • Path
  • File
  • List

Thank you

Can I send you java file?

Thank you.

This might be the issue:

[javac] java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot convert Java type ‘java.lang.Boolean’ to Yail type


The Simple compiler (which compiles your Java source into aix files) can accept only primitive Java data types and objects of the type “Component”.

You cannot use boxed types (like Boolean, Integer, Double) in parameters/return statements.
Replacing Boolean with boolean should fix the issue

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@Vishwas We could update this for our next release


If you are okay, please PM me your java code so that I could test it locally.

Thank you @Vishwas it worked.
Many thanks @Hossein


hi can you provide me your email id i need your help in a extension

if you have any query open a topic (search community before), public topics get more results and fast results

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