[Extension]ContactList - Get All Contact List

Either developer do something with extension to solve the issue or do not use coma in contacts or until extension not been updated use a procedure to check if there is to different name with same number then join both names

Their is no such option in extension to check
number and name are mismatched.

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So then you have to created one for you

hello I wonder how can I print the label text, not the list?

Helpful extension

Great extension.

Very Nice extension
this may help me in chatting app

Is it possible that get contact from selected group (as, Family or Work)?
Please reply.

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this should help - Phone Number Tools

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It works fine but takes some time. I want to get contacts consider a specific group(as family or friend). Please help me.

you already have a large thread in the MIT App Inventor community about that…

which builder are you using? please only ask questions in the community of the builder you are using
thank you.



What’s if numbers does not equal to name or any number has specific words like *1# or *123#. What should I do then.

@Vikas_Kumar will this help??

No there are also number list and name list is separate. So Can’t get name or number with their exact match.

Hi Kevin,
May I ask. What does your extension return in case it doesn’t find the contact name with the given number?

Long time no use. Should be a empty list.

Hi Leo, why I got two lists with different length?


does this extension still work after the SDK31 release?
@DeveloperLeo see also here


pls help me on this error message. I am using same code blocks as shown by you.