(Extension) create extension on appybuilder

I want to create extensions on appybuilder but i dont know java
Anyone can help me

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kodular does not allow to use ads extension… use inbuilt components

First of all learn java, Otherwise you can’t create extensions.

I learned basic java on website
but I don’t know how to create event, methods and properties

Answer is Learn JAVA and Search the topic in YouTube… you will get multiple answers along with video too . BTW use RUSH or Niotron for creating extension. Appy builder is very slow. You need to wait for min 5 min. Niotro IDE builds extension in lightning fast lightning :zap::zap::zap:

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That’s what you have to learn.
See this video to learn how to create a basic extension on appybuilder.

By The Coding Bus

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you are right
appybuilder is slow

i prefer in online use niotron ide or if you have a laptop or pc then use ai2 sources, extension template or rush (rush is best option for laptop or pc users)

this niotron and rush have the function of code prompt?or hint? (i dont know the exact english name for this function)

can you elaborate a little

Edit : sorry for bumping 21 days old topic.

I am writing the code with eclipse and build with Rush.

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