Extension Developer Needed

I need an extension built please, one that can be used with Kodular or any of the other platforms
The extension I need to be created is OpenDrive Extension

So when creating an app a user can buy/create an account and set up a storage folder for their files
Files also need to be streamed or downloaded from OpenDrive they have awesome links for this as I use OpenDrive to stream music to one of my apps via Airtable now.

With an OpenDrive extension for Kodular there could be a lot of amazing app options and with a business or reseller account you have Unlimited space and selling an app with 1TB of cloud space is possible.

I need an extension for OpenDrive to build some of the apps I would like to build If there is anyone willing to help me.
I have 20€ to invest in this now, and you can keep the extension to sell or give to the community I just need the extension to be able to build my apps.
Time - 10 days 2 weeks
If there are any developers that are interested in helping me with this project please, do reply.

Thank you

I now have 30€ to invest in this now, and I am willing to pay more I just do not have all the money now I would very much like to get this extension built as OpenDrive has an awesome service and I am sure it would be of use to many Kodular users.
Any developers please contact me and we can work out a deal.
Thank you




I have asked on Freelancer, If I get the extension built there I will give it to the community.