Extension Developers | Updated AppInventor Sources?

I just updated my AppInventor Sources and oh no… no… I messed up everything! It’s not working as the build.xml Files are Different! The Documentation is old compared to the latest Sources. Have you guys Noticed the Changes? Any Suggestions on how to use the new Build Files?



Why you don’t use Kodular IDE :sunglasses:?


Limitations… There is no support for external jar files which is a huge limitation for me as i make Extensions mainly which are external

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My extensions are Compiling Again Once i switched back to Old AppInventor Sources

I agree here. I wish we could support external jar files.

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You guys are gonna have to upgrade to the Premium Plan when it releases then like they’ve said. The reason I don’t use the IDE is because the limit to not being able to change your package name.

By the way, I did some more research and this seems to be the issue:

Unfortunately, these implicit relationships are not present
when running either ant extensions or ant RunLocalBuildServer,
which results in a broken build.

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I am testing a possible solution.

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OK, I have no idea what error you’re getting, but if you could tell us that would help a lot because for me I updated and Lite compiled within 4 minutes and normally it takes 9-10 which is a huge improvement.

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Hmmm, it’s literally a broken build, no definition files :thinking:

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My Problem was that When i Compile my extension the size was 16kb which was 1MB+. I thought woah great update the size reduced and then while testing the app crashes

The SDK is not being imported… I fixed it by reverting back to the old sources

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The Same thing with me but the extension won’t work…

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do you have forked of old source at your github if yes please give me link cuz i have clone it from mit github but i dont know how to add external library in it please give me old one

I simply made a new folder so I would still be able to build extensions:

Just put the extracted contents on our Desktop and you won’t have to take any extra steps to build except click the build-extensions.bat to being building. I’ve made a PR to add this to default AI to help beginners build their extensions.


Do you know any easy way to add external Libraries? I’m tired of adding lot of libraries

Ask or search here.

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OK everyone, you can upgrade to the latest AI Source. I’ve gotten clarification on what you have to do.

After upgrading to the latest master for AI Sources do:
ant then after that is completed ant extensions and it should work.

If you get any errors from the console, just do ant extensions anyway after ant.

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this is the process for before the 1605 commit after 1605 commit i am able to build extensions i am looking for old source cuz in new on i am suck in importing external library

i downloaded this and when i am trying to import external lib its give me error that cannot find symbol can u please share how to add external lib i tried this its not working for me How to Add a Component

Well, that’s the old one.