Extension Development Requirement

hello everyone,
i just want to ask what to do to make a good extension.
i found that first we need to learn java.
is there anyone can tell me what what to read in java to make good extensions.
i am going to start my offline classes for learning java.
and it will be easy for me if anyone from you can tell me what to read most to make extensions…
and thanks in advance…

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Bro According to me, You must learn c/c++ first as i have seen read somewhere that if we learn c/c++ then java will become much easier to learn than we think how much tough it is.

So learn c first it will be much helpful for you at many places.
Anyway Choice is yours.
Thank you.

bro i already applied for java :frowning: :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::sweat::sob::sob:

now i cant do anything.

i read somewhere and also seen some developer saying that java will be good as first programming language so i selected that…

also when i was applying for java , someone asked me also that did i know c/c++ or not ??

now i am worried .

does this will make too hard to learn ?

Not so much and remember one quote.But I guarantee that it will help you :-

No line is harder to learn
No text is harder to learn
No Program is harder learn
As all these thing is created by human and you are also a human.

So go Ahead…

I always listen to this quote when i fear an language to learn. This is created by me.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I have one suggestion for you that from next time always know prerequisites to learn any language.


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Java is one of the easiest languages and you don’t need to know C or C++. They both are different compared to java so it doesn’t matter. For making extensions take the Android Studio Course and You can easily make extensions


for android studio
learning java first is good ??

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Of Course, Java is The main Language for Android Studio. Google Now Added Kotin As well So anyone will work for Android Studio. I recommend java


Its not necessary to know C/C++ or any other language to learn JAVA. As Abhijith said JAVA is one of the easiest languages.
Even I started with JAVA


thanks to all of you.

Can you tell me how i can learn Java online as i can’t learn offline because here in my area no one knows about java or any other programming.
Please suggest me how should i start first …

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Thanks… so much brother. :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

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