Extension for web get

I have multiple gets and posts within the app. I need a solution for web get/post as a single request.

Post is still a single statement, but to handle multiple web gets i have to use multiple web components.

Instead of a request and then get result in webtext. I want to request and wait to get the text result within the same request.

Sorry if my explanation is not clear.

Thanks in advance

You mean that it can be done without event.Just the method will return the value.That can be implemented.

Did you mean several web Component? One for each POST?

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Why did I ask?

Because I used 1 web component for each POST. (PHP scripts)
So I changed and use only one web component.

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But the main problem that this will require the component to work synchronous which means causing some lagging in the app.I think that one web can do more then post .Isn’t it?

I think so. I just mentioned the part of using several web Component instead of one. But of course, this implementation would be great.


I know but has only one problem

If that works asynchronous so some blocks in the app may depend on the response of the web component which isn’t finished yet, which will result some errors.

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Synchronously, it will cause delay. OK ?


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Yes.That will make delay and may cause the app to lag.

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Yes correct

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Actually i have multiple requests, more depending on user requests. So handling it differently with just 5 web components which handles different set of requests.

If the return result is smaller, that would return the result quickly

And so, you have, 5 web Component and many .Got.Text blocks ?

Yes, i am handling them through global variables and url types. Due to this, complexity has increased. And to add any new feature, it becomes more difficult as i have make sure i dont break the existing code.

this maybe not happen with slow network.

I don’t know how your logic is set up, but You tried with 1 variable to direct how your url will be and how to handle this return, also with this variable, on Web.Got. ?

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Its multiple scenarios,

in some scenario it is the url. In some as i am using dynamic cards view, it is variable.

Yeah agreed, but the same delay exists even now.

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I think that card views do not influence what I am trying to suggest, since the creation of Card views dynamically occurs in Web.Got, and in this event you would also use this control “variable” to do an IF.


Actually its more complex, dynamic card view is created based on user request.

Later these dynamic views are updated periodically using web get result one by one.
So i have given reference of the dynamic card view while requesting a web get (using global variable ) to be updated. This is make sure the right dynamic cardview is updated with the result