Extension idea: Spotify SDK

Why not create an extension for Spotify SDK?
I think it could be very useful.
Spotify SDK allows us to play Spotify music from our app and many other features:+1:

I give you two interesting links:


I was about to post on the same thing! :laughing:
And yes it will be a pleasure if one of our talented extension developers makes us an extension to use spotify’s SDK or at least a simple guide for beginners, it’s very useful for most apps and personally i need it it will help me a lot :smile:

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Yeah it helps me too:joy: We can do a lot of different types of app

I found another easy solution which maybe i can post a guide on how to make it, but i should know how would you use Spotify’s SDK to know if it’s possible with the solution i found

I think the best feature of Spotify SDK is listen to full song and not just a song preview, it’s amazing:scream:

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