Extension making help needed

Hey, everyone specially extension developers. I learned some java and android studio for getting some information to make extensions.
I am beginniner please help.

I am confused that in android studio we get any view by id and cast it into it’s type and use it. But how we can get views(like buttons, arrangements) in extension making process of java and use it.

Have you searched in community and Google?

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Ya, I searched and checked some open source projects but they made me more confused.

Hey dm me i have a video but it is in hindi language

In AppInventor mostly we get view using AndroidViewComponent.All visible components come in this category.
However you have more options like HVArrangement or simply the visible component name like Button , VerticalArrangement , HorizontalArrangement, etc.
Something similar to this:

public void GetView(AndroidViewComponent component){
 View view = component.getView();

Ok, I understand

You might want to check out this article in which I’ve explained how you can create an extension which adds gradient background to views. Take a look:


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