Extension ModBus TCPIP

Hi everyone
Does anyone know if there is an extension to communicate with the ModBus TcpIP protocol, or if anyone is able to develop such an extension?

Thank you

Did you try a search in the extensions directory?


yes but i didn’t find anything

I did a search for Modbus for you there and found

You can try to contact the author here https://andrescotes.github.io/

And there is

There are also several tcp ip extensions…


Thank you very much

Hi Taifun

i tried with Andreas daniel but he doesn’t seem to be active.
I tried rkl099 but it’s for Mit app in wi-fi and I need it wired in ethernet for Kodular.
Do you have other suggestions I don’t know where to look anymore.

Thank you

you might want to ask in category Marketplace


I’m trying to get the extension developed by a Kodular developer but he’s not succeeding and I don’t understand if he’s able to do it or not, all for a fee.
I will try your advice thanks.