Extension needed to check which application is open on the screen

Hi, if there is a situation where someone will build me an extension that will check which application is open on the screen, and that I will receive the application that is open as a package name, here is information and JAVA code ready:

Here too there is more information and a different code:

I would love to have someone open up to me, I just got entangled
Thanks in advance.

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Is there anyone who can do this for free? It’s urgent for me !!!
Thanks in advance!!

You want to get the list of applications which are running or the app that is currently focused/opened?

The app that is currently twisted on the screen. (Which will return the signature of the application that is currently open.)
And thanks for the help !!

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com.jaxparrow.tasksinfo.aix (9.9 KB)

It has an event and 4 methods ( functions )

  • Do (Event)
    Callback for the StartForegroundAppListener function

  • StartForegroundAppListener
    Starts the listener with an interval
    accepts : int ~ interval

  • CurrentForegroundApp
    Returns the package name
    returns: String ~ packageName

  • hasUsageAccess
    Checks if the app has usage access
    returns: boolean

  • OpenUsageAccessSettings
    Opens the usage access settings to grant permission

This extension uses android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS and android.permission.GET_TASKS permissions

I don’t have time to test them myself right now. Will do it when I have time.

Uses this lib:


Thank you very much really !!! :pray::pray::pray:, is there a possibility that it will work in the background? (In principle I will need something else there, which I will pay you for, I will need the extension to work even if the app is completely closed, and when I turn on the phone the extension will activate automatically. If possible you will go to private.)

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