Extension prevents the app from starting

Guys, good night!
I believe that one of these extensions is preventing my app from working.
I went to update this app today and noticed that it installs but doesn’t start…
Was everything OK before the SDK33 update?
If anyone could help me, I would be very grateful.

external_comps.zip (4.9 MB)

Do you really expect someone to review all 43 extensions of your project?

Obviously not… But if anyone knows, anyone already knows which extensions cause this problem, please advise me or someone else on another way to find out which would be causing the problem.

Use logcat to find out what happens
Btw if you read a few threads here in the community you will realize, that a lot of people have issues…

PS: I hope you did not upload a paid extension into here…

I’m having this same issue and, in my case, is related to Summit’s Onesignal extension having conflict with latest Kodular update.

I can see you use a DeepHost extension for the same thing, and they released a update for that issue just a couple days ago. The only suggestion I have for you is to check if that particular extension is already updated in your project.

Good luck!

OneSignal Push extension from DeepHost might be the reason.

It’s not… I already removed it and it still has an error

This may be the reason,

but he released an update 3days before, try with latest version

I have a project that was working perfectly before the Kodular update, now it gives me this error and does not run:

It has nothing to do with the Firebase authentication or notifications component since you are not included. I have tested creating several copies of the project and the application runs when I randomly delete blocks (so I can’t determine what is causing the error)

It looks like Kodular is missing some of the standard libraries that are present in App Inventor.

Do you know if adding another component will add the missing libraries to the project?