Extension request: detect volume buttons events

Hey:upside_down_face: I mean, an extension that allow you to do something when volume buttons were pressed. I believe it does not exist:v:

This could be so useful, great idea!


I will try to make the extension for it.


Great:star_struck: let we know if you succeed:muscle:

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do you mean like slider?

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I think @alessandropanzieri means to add blocks like:
When volume up clicked
When volume down clicked, etc.

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I think the thing he wants is already in this extension :

Sound Sensor first version of my new extension - ClassicExtensions - Community

SoundManager : Helps to manage the sound of the device - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

@Salman_Dev and @Manbir

I think he means to say is to perform a custom action when the volume up or down is clicked.
This can be done using the KeyEvent method in android.

@alessandropanzieri You might see a thread solved by Taifun, Volume on the side of the device - MIT App Inventor Help - MIT App Inventor Community

If you are waiting for an extension then wait a some time, I will PM you when I finished making it. I am a little busy with my examination.

Also I found an extension already made . You might see that :

So i will not be making an extension. If it is a solution then tick solution.


Hi @alessandropanzieri This guy has already solved your problem, take a look at this newly published extension, Mr.@vknow360 make this extension because he is inspired by you :star_struck:



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