[Extension Request] Fast PDF reader Extension Needed

Dear all Community Members,

I need a Fast PDF Extension even I can pay for it, but has the following Features:
1- Can load local PDF Files from assets, SDcard, ASD and Storage.
2- Rendering the PDF very fast regardless the size of the pdf or number of pages.
3- Go to page [IS A MUST FEATURE] so that I user can bookmark the page using tinydb … and Should be fast
4- Scrolling the pages Horizontal or Vertical.
5- works for all Android Versions specially 11 and above

who can create this extension for me … please PM me …

Note that, I bought and tried a lot of extensions one of them was awesome but not all features are available… every extension has a missing feature

Thanks in advance

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Since you are willing to pay you should state your budget.

You should say how much would an extension like that costs?

Extension developers can charge anything they want so it’s impossible to give a price. Since you are the one who will pay you should state your budget. That way any extension developer can decide if it’s worth their while doing business with you.


Change the category to extension request. Otherwise the extension developers will not be able to find??


Done :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:


The extension developer can determine what the cost of his effort? I told you all the features needed and how shoud it run ? … if some one can do it requested … so please mention how much would you like to be paid to deliver me such an extension?

Every extension has a known budget range …

maybe this would help -

by @TimAi2

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