Extension Request: GoFile, File Storage Database

We can upload and store files in this database.
I am able to upload files with Command Line, but not able to get upload progress etc.
So I am requesting the extension to ExtensionDevelopers
Home page: gofile.io
API Docs: gofile.io/api
This is cheaper than Firebase Storage.
I request these blocks


Upload (Do Method)
Parameters: server, filePath

Pause Upload (Do Method)

Resume Upload (Do Method)


Upload Success
Parameters: File Path, File Download Link

Upload Failed
Parameters: File Path, Error

onProgress Changed
Parameters: File Path, Transferred Bytes, Total Bytes


It is very interesting. I will try to find the solution…

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The Gofile developer said me that we can’t get the progress yet, so we can’t get it, neither with console nor extension

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@JaviR3TicS as you said, we can not get progress from the api.
But we can track upload progress with the extension.
As the data (file) goes out from the device.

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I’ve made an extension to detect progress of uploading like the post file block.Not sure if this will work with goFile as i’ve not tried it before

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@Mohamed_Tamer did you publish?

maybe, but as i said,i’m not sure if it work with GoFile.It does something similar to Web component post file block.

Please send me the extension (PM)
I will test it with GoFile.

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PM me the extension too please :wink: (I’m developing the oficial app; it will be great to try it)