Extension Request

Hi Everyone!

Use this topic to request any extension you want. It may be free or paid as per the requirement. This topic is Wiki anyone can edit and update the list.

Request your extension in below format:

Extension name - A short description.

  1. Wallpaper Extension - Set Wallpaper High Quality With Online
  2. Calculator - % value like 100 - 1% = ? (Can do using blocks)
  3. ChatView- ChatView with advance features
  4. Default System Loding extension
  1. Firebase Realtime Secure Database - Read/Write from Firebase RTDB only using a specific Token or Passcode.
    Reference:METRIC RAT AI2 - How to have Secure Rules on Firebase, and allow Auth Users to Read/Write

What is this?

This topic is for extension request.


Once upon a time, I wrote this extension with Rapid (now down).

You download the wallpaper, then set the wallpaper to the downloaded image.


I request you t make an extension for the purpose I’ve mentioned

  1. There’s no need to create a new extension for this, the FirebaseDatabase component can handle this.

  2. This topic is about the mentioned 4 extensions in the main post…