Extension to download file(s) to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission

I want to change my files location.
My present files location is- Phone storage > Android > data > com.my.app > files > My Documents > Pictures > image.png

I want to change my location. - Phone storage > My App > image.png

how is possible?

How to show the progress of the download when using this extension… using notifier?

I think its not possible with the current blocks. You can show a notification when download completed.

May be the extension developer can add some events/methods to show progress also an error event to show error when download fails.

Yes, I haven’t added this feature (yet). I currently have little time and would have to delve deeper into the subject :face_with_monocle: (since I’m still more of a beginner with Java).


how to download assets file in ASD error “can only download http/https url”


I’ve now added this Progress feature and also two new methods

  • to check if the file is already downloaded (exists) and
  • delete the downloaded file again.

I’ll upgrade this version soon.


It’s done now.


Note: Version 4 has now been released.


Hi, i got this error on android 10

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Please if you can answer my question instead of flagging it as spam!

I flagged your post since double posting considered as spam. Also you have to be patient because today many people celebrate Easter

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Ok sorry, it was a misunderstanding.

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It work fine on Android 8 but on Android 10, 11 shows that error.
No it’s apk not companion.
I’m sure this is because of the ASD extension.

Joraben_1_0_3.aia (3.9 MB)

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Oh yes, there is actually a mistake in my code regarding the .Delete & .Exists functions.
I hope I can fix this tomorrow.

Thanks so much :pray:

Try this one: Joraben_1_0_3a.aia (3.9 MB)


Done. See here:


Thank you, now it works fine​:+1::tulip: