Extension to download file(s) to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission

What’s the problem if this file (image) already exists? Or does this image exist with the same file name and different content? If so, just delete this file before starting the download.

For the url parameter in the DownloadtoASD block, can’t we use a variable instead of writing the url in a text block. I get the following error by using a global variable as url to download a file (the variable contains the url in text form). I tried a url with text form and it works fine. Correct me if my method is wrong or is there an alternative to use variable?
This works fine:

This gives the below mentioined error:
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WhatsApp Image 2021-10-08 at 4.10.40 AM

yes of course

make sure, the value of that global variable is a correct url… according to the eror message it looks like the value of that variable was an empty string…

what about using Do it to debug your blocks?
see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools



Thank you for pointing it out. It did solve my problem.

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where the call block

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Unfortunately your question is unclear… please elaborate…


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From your extension - Hide notification not working and I want to hide this. And also you providing version 2 instead of version 3 in the link which is for version 3

Please check it again

It’s working fine.

It’s the third version of the extension, but the second version of the
notifHidden variant.

It’s not working in Kodular Fenix… I checked this and then told you here. Please check yourself.

It works fine with Kodular Fenix.

I checked it on Android 11 and 9 as well.

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Ok, now it’s working…

And one more thing

I want to show a downloading progress bar in percentage value But how can I do this using ASD.

Then let us know why it didn’t work before and why I had to answer multiple times unnecessarily.

I also don’t know. when I have uploaded it to the play console and then install it from there then I found that this are working properly. Before that I also was confused. Sorry for intrupption

Now, please tell me about downloading progress bar if you can. I Promise this will be my last question until I got another problem :sweat_smile:

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DownloadToAsd extention is superb but im trying to open pdf file form this extension

Try this: downloadToASDnoNotif2.apk (5.5 MB)


Do you used some extension to view pdf via web viewer?
Could you please share the link of that extension, it could be a great help

Try this


It worked thank you


Can you add download progress block? It’s badly needed​:sneezing_face: great work​:white_heart: