Extension to save the entire project at once

Hi guys, good afternoon.

I have a game project and I’m finishing it, I need to save more than 200 variables (between subtitles, globals and etc…).

The way I know how to do it today is using TinyDB, but this will take a long time, I would need to do it one by one and I would still like them to be saved until the visibility of some game components.

Anyway, is there any extension or way for me to save the whole project with few blocks? when I say save everything is everything, when the user opens the screen it will be the way he left the game.

Anyway, thanks in advance. hoping you have lol…

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I think you want a feature like save state of game. Is it?

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That, I want everything to be the way the player left it, but without having to place more than 200 set and get blocks…

So you mean you want to save the entire data including variables in the app. Why not use a server side database instead?