Extension to use shared network resources

Hi everyone, in some of my apps I used an extension that can access a shared folder from a windows pc, read and write files inside it.
I found this extension on the web years ago, but since then it has not been updated. Currently it works, it could do it better, but it works.
I ask if an extension in kodular is present or foreseeable that can access network resources, this would be very convenient for different purposes.

NOTE: Do not post a link to fishy websites.

Can you tell me the name of extension?

Or how it actually works?

I downloaded the extension from here, I come from appybuild and the extension works. I don’t know if it works with kodular, I haven’t tried it yet.


Thanks. I don’t have a real problem now.
I wanted to highlight this extension which I think is very useful and it would be nice to see it as a standard component of kodular.

Then move this topic to #feedback:iwant category.

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