Extension too large

Good morning and Happy new year 2020.

I find this extension and in the video he explains that it is very large,

I would like to try it but I would have to have a local server
Can you somehow try it on Kodular?

in the video is the download link of the extension if someone is also interested in trying it.
Thank you for yours answers.

It seems to be 8.6 MB but since I have no idea what it does I don’t know what to do with it either

Importing the extension to Kodular didn’t go well for me however, manipulate the aia file with the extension and importing the project aia that went well

I haven’t tested if it manages to build to apk

where is Extension?
can’t seems to find it


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Pls upload it
Am unable to find it


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its about a type of online money system Ethereum( similar to bit coin), and with this extension you manage your account or transfer pay etc.

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can someone try it and let us know how it works

you can watch video… video is a tutorial.

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I see you are a BetaKoder. BetaKoders love to test stuff themselves. The same as they test the new features of Kodular. So see what you can discover for yourself and let us know.


Thanks, now I know :wink:

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see also Ethereum Extension by Ethereum foundation, documentation see here
(taken from the Extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps)

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Am already trying it myself
i just need other Pros to give it a go and j can learn from mistakes

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