Extract an image from a video (not Thumbnail)

I failed in several tests:
Capture an arrangement with the excellent Extension

which contains text and the video player (with the idea of ​​extracting an image with a comment from the video)

Does this extension allow to capture an image from the video player? Otherwise (answer that I dread), would you have a trick to allow me to achieve this goal: extract an image from a video?
Thank you

I think this is possible.

The OP is asking how to get a image in a specific frame, not a Youtube thumbnail.

If you’re using custom video player in any arrangement then may be it’s possible

Thank you. With this extension, is it really possible to load videos taken by the Camera component? I thought it was just for youtube video type etc …

If you got solution with post in this topic then mark as solution

Thank you for your reply.
I do not have access to this extension to test.

Tests carried out:
Capture of Kodular video player / inventor app> Black image

Display the video in a webviewer: I have all the content around the player (like youtube with the title etc …) but the video remains black

In short, in all my tests, the video rendering is black.

Example of the block with a youtube video …

However, it works for images

I don’t see a solution at this time other than using an outside app to extract the images and then import them back into Kodular.


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I’m making an extension just for that, stay tuned!


Hi, I’ve made an extension. It might not be stable because it is still under development.

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