Extract zip without read/write permission

Is it possible to extract zip files without read/write permission?

write permission is needed for extract zip file and you need to ask user to allow it.

That all depends where you want to extract it.

I have the zip file on ASD and I want to extract it to ASD . I tried kodular’s inbuilt file component, taifun’s zip/unzip extension, but none of them worked. So are there any other methods to do it?

just ask for write permission it will work as i also done this few hr ago

Is it allowed to do so? Because I have heard that the new apps on play store should not ask for read/write permission.

are you talking about android 11 ?? new app cant publish at moment. dev can update their app till november 2021

I am working to push an update on one of my old app so that I can make it compatible with Android 11 devices. Basically I download a zip file on ASD and I want to extract it there. You may say to download the zip contents individually but its not possible in my condition.

you can’t do on android 11 because kodular do not having android 11 support at the moment. but you can do under android 10 all version is support

Both should work (tested on Android 11 with Companion & APK without WRITE permission).

Here is a test with the File component (icons.zip contains 5 images: image1.jpg, image2.jpg, ...):

EDIT: The Clock is not necessary, it was only for checking network connection:


You don’t need READ / WRITE permissions for the ASD since API 19.
Of course you can / must ask for READ permission (also on Android 11, targetSdk=30), if you want to read / access a file in the external storage (outside the ASD).
READ permission behaves the same way on all Android versions (even under targetSdk=30).

WRITE permission does no longer exist on Android 11.

Thank you so much bodymindpower. :relaxed:

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