[F/OS] Add Multiple Languages to Your App🎉



This extension allows Multi-language coverage to any post in your app.

:pushpin:How does it work?

Takes a value. Returns the retrieved value in whatever language group it is in. Language groups were coded with Propertie. If you want to change language according to system language then use Device Utils > Device Language block.

:pushpin:Get Started


  • SetLanguage It returns the language data where it is stuck.

  • NullText Returns a empty text.

  • Any Properties Returns the language codes. If you want to export the language code manually, use any of them.

:pushpin:Supported Languages

  • tr = Turkish

  • en = English

  • ar = Arabic

  • ru = Russian

  • ko = Korean

  • sk = Slovak

  • fr = French

  • de = German

  • ga = Irish

Development by JeaFriday❤️

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:pushpin:How to use?

:pushpin: Example Blocks

Development by JeaFriday❤️

Thank You for Supporting Me❤️

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Thank you for your contribution
Please follow the naming conventions

There is only a minor error… SystemLanguage should be systemLanguage

Also probably it would make sense to have a default language in case the language of the device uses some other language?

Thank you for your views! You can use any block from ‘@SimplePropertie’ instead of system language.

For example, if the System Language is tr, you can give ko. It will work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

I do not recommend translating the application using this method, there are much more effective methods (for example: How to effectively translate your app )

something you’re thinking out of thin air :slight_smile: after all, you can do it easier. for example, enter all the contents of one language in a label, and another language in another. it is enough to hide the visibility of the labels. lines and texts are separated from each other by any fictional character (for example, ###). then everything is very simple. we determine which language is needed and read the strings from our label into the array based on the division. then we assign the labels the contents but the number in the array. that’s all shamanism :slight_smile: and with this expansion, the number of occupied blocks will only increase greatly

please add FA Persian language

Nice extension, but when are you going to implement the naming conventions? It takes less than 5 minutes to change, just change SystemLanguage to systemLanguage, and all of the property blocks to capitalize the first letter.

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