[F/OS] Badge View Extension | Add Badges To Your View [Unsupported]


Today I am here to present you my another extension. Badge View Extension :tada:
This extension helps you to create a badge on any component.

Note:- This extension is now unsupported and will not receive any future updates, however i am making this extension open source so if u need to improve anything or add some more features you can directly commit to its Github repository

Demo Screenshots

Add a picture of all the blocks

Here Comes The First Block
This allows to Handel drag state change of notification

Here Comes The Second Block
Allows to create a badge. Provide Any Android View Component and badge number to be shown

Here Comes The Third Block
component_method (1)
Allows To Hide Badge

Here Are Some Designer Property Blocks

Designer properties:-

Some Blocks Usage




Downloads Links

Aia:-- BadgeView.aia (40.2 KB)
Apk:-- BadgeView.apk (5.4 MB)
Aix:-- in.akshat.BadgeView.aix (39.4 KB)


If you liked my work and want to contribute your part. Download Extension from This Link…
Shortened Link:- Loan2Host

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Open Source:-


thanks nice extension

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Very good,this extension update ui :ok_hand:

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Advantages Of Using This Extension

  • As it is visible in the demo video that it supports dragging with some animations.

  • It also has dragging feature.

  • It has destroy/hide feature with animation.

  • More convinient and easy to use

I hope @Sumit1334 that i solved your query :smiley:


As the Kodular new update 1.5 was released my badge view extension is not working.
Although it is still compatible with the kodular latest version.

But I request the users to test it at once both in companion and as an exported apk and report the error came also with on which android version u tested it. Also, let me know if it works with the android version.


I am here to inform that this extension is no longer supported and will not receive any future updates, However I making this Open Source so if you want to add any feature you can directly commit to its Github repository


Nice extension @Akshat_Rana :heart_eyes:

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