[F/OS] 🎁Bubble Tab Bar | Add cool navigation bar in your apps

Move Initialize block to end of Add blocks


It worked - Thank you very much

@zainulhassan Can you please tell me can I add upto 40 tabs in this bubble tab bar? Will it become scrollable? or how it will look like if possible can you please give me example?

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I have an extension this one: https://github.com/zainulhassan815/bubble-tabbar firstly I would like to thank to the dev who made it and provided us for free.

I would like to make an slidable layout just like whatsapp with this extension I am using kodular for very different purposes but as I am beginner I don’t know how can I create slidable layout like whatsapp with this extension so I would be thankful if can anyone give me aia example or blocks stuff like what can I do? I have heard something with pager component but I am not sure.

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See here how to use

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@dora_paz No there isn’t the guide.

Bubble Tab Bar Not Work Niotron iCON NOT SHow

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Can it work with Notification badge?