[F/OS] 🎁Bubble Tab Bar | Add cool navigation bar in your apps

Move Initialize block to end of Add blocks


It worked - Thank you very much

@zainulhassan Can you please tell me can I add upto 40 tabs in this bubble tab bar? Will it become scrollable? or how it will look like if possible can you please give me example?

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I have an extension this one: https://github.com/zainulhassan815/bubble-tabbar firstly I would like to thank to the dev who made it and provided us for free.

I would like to make an slidable layout just like whatsapp with this extension I am using kodular for very different purposes but as I am beginner I don’t know how can I create slidable layout like whatsapp with this extension so I would be thankful if can anyone give me aia example or blocks stuff like what can I do? I have heard something with pager component but I am not sure.

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See here how to use

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@dora_paz No there isn’t the guide.

Bubble Tab Bar Not Work Niotron iCON NOT SHow


Can it work with Notification badge?

Anyone having issues can try out the latest release from github.

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hello , it does not work . it is white all the time

help me plaessss

[quote="[F/OS] Bubble Tab Bar | Add cool navigation bar in your apps, post:22, topic:153117"]
Move Initialize block to end of Add blocks

I did I got an error

Typeface not working in apk

Its not bubble its buggle

Good afternoon. I would like to know how I could do so that when I press a menu button it takes me to a link. Thank you for the reply.

Must have in all my apps. Thank you very much :pray:
I was wondering if you will ever work on a fix for custom typefonts, they work in test mode but not on my native builds.