[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

how can i get the parent of a component?

It is not possible to get the parent component of a component with this extension, unless if it is not created by Dynamic Components. But if the parent is also created by the extension, then it is possible to do that by using prefixes/suffixes in IDs when creating both parent and children.

For example, if you create components with IDs like “1_label” and “1_parent”, which “1” is the index of the component that you are creating, you can get the “1_parent” from “1_label” by removing the “_label” part and replacing with “_parent” with text blocks.

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Tell me how to make the button work when pressed.

Well, whoever it is, help. Is it really so difficult for you to rush a person? that’s why this community is dying. I want that when I click on a button, a picture under which the button opens

I need this extension, can you pass the link? thank you

Calm down, Not everyone has free time all the time. Have you already been able to identify the ID of the component that was clicked?

Did you look for the link at the beginning of the topic?

I already solved the issue

What about providing your solution to the question then?
A community is there to also give answers and not only to ask questions…



The extension is not there, you can pass it

As always you can download an extension from the first post of an extension thread
See here


Does anyone have the block to create a contact list with photo, name and email? thank you

Hello, can you send me the create list block? thank you

can someone post the create block or add photo name and email to a dynamic list I’m creating a chat with auto google start and contacts are automatically added to a list thank you

Did you try to do something?
Show your blocks?
Do you want to hire someone?

Hello, if I am making a WhatsApp and I need the block on how to create a contact list with name, photo and email

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Hello, it helps me a lot but if the list is created with get value, I am making a messenger with automatic start and I want to create a list would you know how to help me

Can dis extension create components of other extensions?

Yes it can.