[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.3.0

try adding two dynamic horizontal arrangement in a vertical arrangement,
then add the button in it.

Thats working Thanks.

My problem same with @Suman_Saha…i don’t know why,first create,everything is normal…

Actually you should be able to use in Table Arrangement. If it doesn’t works, then you can add column and rows manually as arrangements as said above.


I don’t think he did, because he renamed table arrangement as Screen1.

Yes, saw it just now, edited my reply :sweat_smile:

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It takes 18 seconds to create 100 lists. And it takes 50 seconds to load 100 images. It’s very annoying. What is the solution? If you create a list with colontree listview, it takes only 2 seconds to load 100 pictures.
compnent: :point_down:
i use 1 image and 5 Label

@mihacker41 And its very odd to load 100 lists at once
Please load list items one by one… Or 5 by 5 instead of loading all the items at once

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Load your images with Async Image Utilities component.


What is that?

Use this extension or component in Kodular it help you to load Image quickly.

example …

You can drag the image unities from the unities part, extension are better, but I would recommend the Kodular image unities.

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U should use vertical scroll handler extension and first load only 5 items and use a block when bottom reached from vertical scroll handeler and on bottom reach load next 5 items and continue this

i am trying now

Yeah and for images use this guide

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A component to load images asynchronously.