[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.3.0

Wait it can’t be explained in words because its technical i’ll try to post a guide so that everyone can get help but first let me check other guides and their logic may be i can explain in words too for you here
@mihacker41 this list is doing what you need then where is the problem
please elaborate


I can’t accept this listing method. Because the same code has been written here again and again. My writing method is completely correct because my method works on any list except dynamic list extensions. See as I gave a file below. Working beautifully.
ttt.aia (28.1 KB)

If your method is working then what’s the issue ?

Just doesn’t work here.

[FREE / Open Source] - Dynamic Components Extension

I have said this before have you tried this


you dont understand my problem

its my problem

It is possible

Just try the method

yes i know ,
jast help me ,

I have given blocks and aia too in that post, why don’t you try.

yes of course

It works. But not here. Same is like my method. The problem is

It is not possible to create a new list without deleting the previous list

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Deleting the previous list will solve all the problems.

I don’t know how are you assigning ID,but there should not be any issue if you are using my method.

Check this Apk, there is no issue
RaspyMagentaQuokka (2).apk (5.2 MB)

It is only possible to do this on YouTube. I have no use here. I lost my head while trying.

No, It can be Implemented with any Listview. Instead of yt Listview procedure place you Listview procedure.

1 milion eroor

Show what have you tried using this method.

ok b,rother
tanks for helping me ,
wait 5 to 10 hr,
I am currently looking for my lost head. :rage:

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