[F/OS] my Sharex extension V:3.0

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hi today i am with my new extension Sharex to share it with you all
please don’t flag/off this topic this topic is not same as others sharing extensions this topic will contain a source code of my extension

this version contains a send,send file,send message,inbuilt package name blocks,send email,send email with file,file path to file converter

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all MIME type

  • text/plain , text/rtf , text/html , text/json , receivers should register for text/*
  • image/jpg , image/png , image/gif , receivers should register for image/*
  • video/mp4 , video/3gp , receivers should register for video/*
  • application/pdf , receivers should register for supported file extensions

how to send email with file

or sd card like this

currently my extension can’t send multiple file in email,other app. I am working on it

Difference between normal sharing component and the Sharex

  1. the normal sharing component can’t share file to a specific app
    blocks (28)
  2. the normal sharing component can share file but can’t bypass selection of sharing app it won’t send file to a specific app
    blocks (29)

but my extension will


sorry its my privacy to show result thus try the extension ur self it will work fine

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edu.hifiapps.Sharex.aix (8.6 KB)

Sharex.java (7.4 KB)


* a huge thanks to @AryanGupta :clap::clap::clap: he helped me in starting intent

* it was my hard work to identify a way to send files,mesage,email…

* @Kodular ,@community for teaching how to use this website

this is a small boys hard work please :+1:


Google + :thinking: ??

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Maybe you didn’t understand the description. Google + share method belongs to an other extension, not to his.

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@Haivaan It’s in built but mines can share to all of u mention package name read fully

Wow Nice Extension @electrobot_appy :innocent:

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Google + was shutdown on April 2, 2019 and hence was the @Haivaan’s question I think.

As it’s shutdown already then what’s the use of that method?

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hey friends i need a help from u all my blocks

require a package name
for whatsapp we can use com.whatsapp
for other brand apps like facebook,messenger,twitter… i need some one to say what is the package name
i hope someone will help

Exactly! That’s what I meant.

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then what u need why u used this emoji

i din’t create that blocks

yes but some one say is it workinhg with those package name
because i don’t have a mobile with facebook,snapchat,messenger… i only have whatsapp(i am a child i won’t get those app untill i grow)

You can easily get package name of any app by downloading package viewer app from Playstore


Just open play.google.com in your browser and initiate a search for any app whose package name you want there.
Then in the url you will find the pakage name following the id=

For example for Facebook :point_down:



i know that trick i do that always but my issue is which package name will work because some apps won’t work with a package name because it will just open a screen so i need to test with that apps

to test

For that we need to use activity starter to share

Reffer this: Android - Share on Facebook, Twitter, Mail, ecc - Stack Overflow

thanks i will make a version 2 with it

Show some example blocks or post a test aia.



And add a → detailed description of the extension so that users don’t have to go through a trial and error process.


Nice Extension @electrobot_appy . :star_struck: :star_struck:

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i will do it soon in v2

wanda wandarfull extension
i mean wonderfull

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Does not work:

Works: :+1: