[F/OS] Recycler List View - Render larger data sets efficiently using `RecyclerView` for AppInventor & Distros

@Victor_Ken If you want this type desighn cardview like flipkart
@Technical_Fun2Family provide templete code for RecyclerList View Extention then You can make your desighn in just using One block

Templete Code :

Templete OutPut

You can also get custumized desighn

Dear developers

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Can we do new add item on any index?
im purchase this paid RecycleView

And that function is available in it but not everyone can afford paid extension so can you update it?

Secode block use for item inserted at spacific position


So I know how to do it using Dynamic Component and ComponentTools extension.
But since I’m using an extensive Recycler, the text is on the back of the card. It would be interesting if the extension could make an overlay equal to the “Dynamic Component” extension

Please show your blocks or provide a test aia

How can I make an overlay using this extension?

Use Relative View Extension | Overlap Like a Pro | Complex UIs made simple in Kodular

A very simple example



These will be available in upcoming release.


iam facing a problem :
if the screen rotate … then try to click on any button (in recycler) any button click …
the button doesnt work

then set this option, then auto screen rotation wont work (either No sensor or landscape)

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Also rotating screen can’t affect button click unless you UI becomes very distorted

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Hi all
cool extension Thanks

Use an extension but an error appears in the calculation

Sorry, my English is poor

Post your test aia here

tset2.aia (90.6 KB)

First of all you are getting errors because you use width percent with -2. Either set width to -2 or if using width percent value should be between 0 to 100

Right, I fixed this error
But I am talking about the result of the calculation
9*22.7= 204.3
In the app appears

Try this
tset2_1.aia (90.9 KB)

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Thank you it works fine

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@zainulhassan please Implement this function please . when we load more data at a single time database stuck or crash possibility increase .

What do you mean? Tested with a table that had 16000 rows, 5 colums and worked fine

@dora_paz and @zainulhassan This is not a green method to call all data at a time . example if you use multiple data using mysql quires when if you use pagination using Offset quires your app manage all data smoothly and your database are also save .

In this break point your app and database are both save.
If my point is wrong then why all popular app are using scroll loading system . Check your phone the popular app use scroll load function example when i scroll if bind count is 50 then i load next 50 data .

Share your opinion also .

and thanks @zainulhassan for this extension .

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