[F/OS] Recycler List View - Render larger data sets efficiently using `RecyclerView` for AppInventor & Distros

Try this one

tset3_1.aia (92.8 KB)

Thank you
When you set the number on zero, the result does not change.
when scrolling down the data returns or disappears

Is there a way to speed up the process of getting the search result when using a recycler ? I want the results to appear quickly

Search depends on how big is your database

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Can someone help me?

When using the recycler, I noticed that all data is called at the same moment
maybe we need a way to download 10 by 10 but the search will be difficult

search not working in 1.0.3 v of extension - app stop working(filterwithtitle)

How to use Image Component in this Recycler List View? I like to use Image, also how to set image property like image url and is the image load async?

Using by set the blocks of load sync in (on create view) using select list item…
Or show an image after click on any button component that add in recycler…
Like this :
Set image picture : select list item(index=number of column in google sheet, list=get global data or response)

@zainulhassan @dora_paz Got some issue on v1.0.3

Screenshot 2022-06-26 at 6.13.17 PM

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clear companion cache and data from Kodular Companion app settings and retry.

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Can we do recyclerview with Google Spreadsheet? I tried but it’s not working can anyone help me this is my aia file
GSheetRecycleview.aia (151.8 KB)

See [Guide] RecyclerList - Google Spreadsheet - Custom Search - How to Add/Delete/Update records

Can we do it with baserow database?

Yes you can

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Hello Freinds Plz Help My Data Was Not Creating In Recycler Listview Extesnion

What To Do To Create List

Post on create and on bind view blocks, also do you get values from database ?

Yes I Have Got All Values

Why …? Use dictionary blocks to set properties. Use select dataitem index … to get values. See example in

I Don’t Know Exact What Uses Of DataItem