[F/OS] Temperature Converter Extension (My first Extension)

Today i present my first extension called “Temperature converter” extension please like and give your comments


Use this Extension to convert Temperature units to different Temperature units

Picture of all the blocks

Thank you to

@Mohamed_Tamer, @Srrazmi, @golumaths100 for helping me out

Download Link

Direct Downoad - com.AK_Tech.Temperature_Converter.aix (19.6 KB)

Google Drive download - com.AK_Tech.Temperature_Converter.aix - Google Drive

Code - Temperature_Converter.java (6.4 KB)

I have made a poll guys please rate it

  • Amazing!!
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  • Good
  • Average
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Nice Extension Keep it Up

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Thank you @Srrazmi

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great extension

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thank you @Ekansh_Pandit

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Just post the code. If you want to be a part of the open source community you just post it instead of demanding a pm.


i will do it

Good work. Keep it up! :fire:

Thank you @golumaths100

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Nice job! Btw, please follow the name conventions:

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Thank you @WatermelonIce i will update it

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@WatermelonIce please tell me if the blocks are right now

The naming convention is right


ok thank you for your reply

Last thing, your component name, i.e. the class name, shouldn’t contain any underscores.


@Krishna_Rajak can you tell the reason of bad rate?