Face to Screen distance calculation

Hi all,

I am searching for solution in kodular that use front camera to calculate distance from face to screen. I’ve found an article in github https://github.com/philiiiiiipp/Android-Screen-to-Face-Distance-Measurement but it coded in java.
Can we create in kodular?

Thank you for your responses.

You could try it with the Light Sensor Component.

Get the Light on Start of the App and if the light goes dimmer the face should nearer. It’s not really the perfect solution but should work with some tuning.

So, how measure the dimmer light intensity? Any reference?

My concern is using front camera
Because it’s common sensor in any android phone right now
Could we translate the Java codes into kodular?

Kodular Extensions are JavaScript only, it’s a different Language. Every Phone and Mobile Device has a Light Sensor.

I don’t think it’s possible to use AI in Kodular directly. But I’m not a Extension Developer.




I thought that Kodular Extensions only supports JavaScript but as I said:

So, can we create extension based on that link? https://github.com/philiiiiiipp/Android-Screen-to-Face-Distance-Measurement ?

So, what solution can we use to calculate face-display distance using kodular?