Facebook account Kit Usage?

Hello Koders,

I saw many apps uses facebook account kit for OTP verification, can anyone say me what type of OTP is this? :thinking:

Can we add this in our Kodular apps? If yes then how?

@vknow360 @team

The Kodular Firebase Auth component has all the login methods available in the console (Including Firebase OTP)

For some reason they hid those blocks, I hope they add them in Kodular Eagle

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Hope so.

Finger crossed

I discovered it the other day by checking the app’s data folder (Available only for root users)

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Have you ever used it? Or anything like this?

The truth is that I do not like the OTP system, it is not very secure (Unless you give the option or to configure a password, like WhatsApp 2FA)

But I understand that it can be done through API calls